HUYNH GIA SG TRADING AND SERVICE CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION , The company operates in the following fields: Design, construction - producing art - sculpture and decoration. Currently the company is one of the units has a thickness achievement art construction composed exterior, repair - restoration of monuments, building art cultural works.
1. Industry activities:
  Sculpture art - Design, construction:
- Author, design and construction of statues, monuments and Buddhist statues, reliefs,, art sculptures shaped by many material ...
- Consulting, design and construction of cultural facilities; construction and installation, museum exhibits, traditional house ...
- Implementation of the buildings, parks, cultural tourism.
- Restoration, renovation, renovation of historical culture.
- Design, prototyping, manufacturing of art sculpture on the material, display indoor and outdoor,
Such as wood, stone, copper, gypsum, composite, concrete ... these methods: Tac, molding, wood, etc ...
- Production of handicrafts.
- Manufacture of furniture; interior - exterior.
2.Thanh achievements:
By the end of 2012, JSC HUYNH GIA SG made construction design consultancy of more than 100 works of art, large and small cultural and abroad such as:
15 Works of art restoration and renovation of monuments and museums
10 art works of Buddhist culture at home and abroad
More than 100 works of art decorate the bar, coffe, restaurant ... ..
3. The motto:
- With passion, love for the profession along with a team of artists, sculptors, painters talented designers, experienced HUỲNH GIA SG always tried to create, innovate these artworks have values chemical nature and the practical application of high, close to the user.
Satisfaction, trust of customers is the success of our company!